For this Project I collaborated with the Artist Florent Venet, who creates creatures and embodies them. This collaborative project seeks to discover a potential queer future where humanity lives closer to nature. It sees beyond traditional notions of species and gender by breaking apart and resiting the figure back into the wilderness. Our project was taken in January 2020 at the Schweibenalp Center Of Unity, a spiritual community focusing on permaculture and rituals.

A rocky wall leading to darkness leads your eye to a camouflaged creature. It seems to be alive yet made of the same material as the wall.  This series "Symbiotic Formation" was taken in January 2020. It has been taken in a cave near Schweibenalp which we noticed during one of our numerous walks around the area. It struck our attention due to the presence of dramatic rock formations, wetness and moss as well as branches and trees at the cave's entrance. All these elements constitute the costume which inspired us to create this camouflage illusion.

Paraï, a pale ethereal creature looks afar. It comes out of the woods, appearing to discover new territories. It was a challenge to bring this creature "alive" on the camera as the costume only consists of a face. Using the forest as an obscure immersive background we created a contrast with Paraï's paleness. It gave agency to the creature by giving it its "coming out of" illusion.

Wolf`s Heart. A monstrous cross of human, fairy and wolf is gazing back at you. It is moving cautiously yet confidently on a frozen lake surrounded by snowy mountains. 

In the night  asheep hide lies on the rocky floor. Wolf Heart in the middle of it looks tense and grave. He seems to be waiting for someone. The tension is accentuated by the firelight hitting the body and rocks giving it a ritualistic pagan feeling.


Experimenting with the different fire sources allowed us to be very playful with the composition of the picture as well as the mood. Combined with the magic of the moment we found what ends up to be WolfHeart's home.